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The Dawn of Remembrance:
Egyptian Mysteries Unveiled

Wearable Art Ensemble - front view

(Ensemble pieces designed and created by Meryl Ann Butler.
Headpiece designed by Meryl Ann Butler and Wendy Bush Hackney, and created by Wendy.
Staff designed and created by Wendy.)
c. 1997

This 13-piece ensemble was created, by invitation, for the 1998-9
International Fairfield Fashion Show, which was, until it retired in 2000, the most prestigious, designers' invitational wearable art fashion show in the world. This garment toured the U.S. and Europe with the show.

This ensemble was specifically designed to resonate with the viewers' deep memories of ancient mysteries, and, in a kind of "psychic archealology ", to help pave the way for new discoveries in the material plane through shifting consciousness. I believe that physical archeological expeditions need the support of psychic "archaealogy"(1) in order to create the kind of balanced environment in which deep mysteries can be rediscovered.
As each viewer engages emotionally in the colors and symbols of this wearable art ensemble, a supportive thought form is added to the collective consciousness, designed to aid in the physical work of archeological discovery.

The lozenge-shaped cartouches on the front panel are the familiar and royal cartouches of Queen Hatshepsut, an ancient female pharaoh. The scarab on the front yoke symbolizes everlasting life and rebirth. Both the cartouches and the scarab are both made out of holographic prismatic foil.

back view

1) Note on spellings: I have been inspired by Christine Downing's lead in her spelling differentiation between "theology" and "thealogy", in their masculine, or feminine orientations, respectively.