All artwork this page copyright Meryl Ann Butler 2003

The Dawn of Remembrance:
Egyptian Mysteries Unveiled

Wearable Art Ensemble - back view

(Ensemble pieces designed and created by Meryl Ann Butler.
Headpiece designed by Meryl Ann Butler and Wendy Bush Hackney, and created by Wendy.
Staff designed and created by Wendy.)
c. 1997

The back panel of the ensemble features a colorful, fantasy view of the sphinx at dusk, the magical moments when the worlds of day and night weave their edges together. The constellation Orion at the upper left alludes to Robert Bauval's theories in his book, "The Orion Mystery."

The Sphinx and foliage were created in a fabric collage technique.

A piece of holographic material (hidden from view) has been placed under the area of the Sphinx's paws, representing Edgar Cayce's Hall of Records, and subliminally adding to the energies of its discovery.

Created from hand dyed cottons, satins, taffetas, charmeuse, metallic fabric and handmade piping, embellished with fringe, prismatic foil, brass charms, buttons, trims, metallic threads, rickrack, beads and tassels.

front view