“Art for art’s sake is beautiful, but art dedicated to promoting world peace and harmony is sacred. Meryl Ann Butler’s art is truly visionary because it has the potential to awaken and transform.”

-H.H. Sri Swami Satchidananda, world-renowned spiritual leader and founder of Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville, home of the spectacular Light of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS) Temple


“Meryl Ann Butler is one of those rare individuals who has seen the vision of Peace on Earth and has taken creative action to bring it into reality. Through her art and symbols on quilts she is inspiring others to catch the dream, and the ripple effect is being felt around the world.”

-John Randolph Price, author and President of the Quartus Foundation.


“Ms. Butler’s art quilt of radiant colors steals the eyes and invites the observer into a visual world that is so unlike other modern images. Here is the clown caduceus surrounded by playful parts of life. I hang it in my office so that all who come know that, here, medicine will be in a context of joy and laughter. The quilt shouts that in color and design!”

- Dr. Patch Adams author, founder Gesundheit Institute


“Meryl Ann Butler’s presentation for our conference was exceptional - perfectly integrated, informative, humorous and uplifting. She knows her “material” well, and touches peoples’ hearts.”

-Judith Nourse, RN, Dir. Center for Transpersonal Studies. Hampton. VA: and co-ordinator. Reaching for Higher Ground Conference


“Like books, works of visionary art also resonate with different energies, clarity, and purity. Rising above the rank and file of airbrush artists armed with pastel colors, Meryl Ann Butler presents a depth and variety of work inspired by her personal vision of global transformation. Beauty has its own function, and the beauty of her vision and being shine through her work.”

-Dan Millman, author.


“Meryl Ann is a practical visionary! She channels beauty and light through her work and enthusiastic presentations!”

-Henry Leo Bolduc, author and founder, Healing the Past, Building the Future.


“Meryl Ann Butler’s fiber art reflects a creative genius that inspires the mind and lifts the spirit. She is a unique peaceworker with the fabulous tools of symbol, color and design.”

-Dr. Mark Thurston, author and Manager of Education. Association for Research and Enlightenment/Edgar Cayce Foundation.


“We absolutely love Meryl Ann’s art! Her work brings more spirit and joy and all the things we cherish into the hearts and lives of everyone who sees it.”

-John and Deo Robbins, author, and founders EarthSave.


“I am very moved by the work you are doing in educating our young children to think in terms of peace, racial awareness and mutual understanding. Fashion is a beautiful career in and of itself, but what you are doing with it sets a new precedent to its level of beauty. Keep the spirit up, and keep quilting!”

-Dr. Guadalupe Quintanilla. Sr. Vice President. University of Houston


“Your work in the area of peace is inspiring and inspired. I love your artwork!”

-Dr. Lawrence Solomon, President, Humetrics: Past President. Association for Humanistic Psychology.


“Your art work is compelling. How healing it must be for yourself and others. So many times artwork can show what we cannot find the words to say!”

-Marilyn Van Derbur, former Miss America and founder, Marilyn Van Derbur Institute


“Your wonderful quilt ... is shining Peace to all who enter here!”

-Viola Van De Wyngard B., President, Alianza Espiritualista Internacional, Santiago, Chile.


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