Vortices of Light

c. 1996

On exhibit at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Virginia Beach

This 53” x 70” quilted fiber art is based on the V-shaped image in one of Edgar Cayce’s most well known dreams, and symbolizes the different layers of consciousness. The point of intersection of the “V” with the earth represents the physical body. The vortex of light above provides a reminder of how much more of us is Spirit!

Constructed of over 800 pieces of various fabrics including hand-dyed and printed cottons, silk, satin and tulle, this piece of fiber art is embellished with holographic prismatic foil, metallic threads, crystal beads and Austrian crystal rhinestones.

This artwork is on display in the main auditorium of the A.R.E. Headquarters where it subtly guides the energy flow in the room, and provides a soft focus of light and spirit. It hangs behind the podium and was designed to keep the audience’s attention gently directed toward the speaker.

For more information on Cayce’s dream, see reading 294-131.
An article by Kathleen Prata about this artwork and its creation appeared in the Jan/Feb 1997 issue of Venture Inward, page 51.

8.5” x 11” prints of Vortices of Light, suitable for framing, are available for $19 plus shipping. Contact mailto:merylannb@mac.com for details